Barriers to Cloth Diaper Success

Social pressure to use disposables.
This is sad but true. Be strong! Did you know that the average family income of cloth diaper users is over $95,000 per year? Most people who use cloth are highly educated, and are choosing cloth for environmental or health safety reasons. Cloth should actually be seen as a status symbol even though it’s true that cloth diapers are far less expensive than disposables. Even the most expensive cloth diapers will save a whole lot over the cost of disposables!

Resistance from spouse or caregiver.
This one is usually cured by having some all-in-one diapers on hand which are just as easy to use as disposable diapers.  If you can get them to a store that carries cloth diapers so that they can see modern cloth diapers and all the choices, they might be pleasantly surprised by cloth diapering.

Buying worn out covers or all-in-ones second hand.
The life of a diaper cover or all-in-one is typically 6 to 9 months of hard use, or perhaps up to 1 year. Old covers need to be replaced since elastics get old and waterproofing wears out. If you use only old covers, you might be led to think that cloth diapers are leaky, when actually it’s the old covers that are leaky and need to be thrown away. Good covers do make a difference.

Not owning enough cloth diapers to make a load of laundry.
Often people will buy a dozen diapers to give cloth a try. Some will give up because it’s a pain to wash them. Well, doing a whole wash load for just one dozen diapers is definitely not efficient, and washing with your regular laundry isn’t appealing, either. You need to own enough cloth diapering supplies, including cloth wipes, to make a load of laundry or it may very well feel like it is not working efficiently.

Buying lousy store-bought prefold diapers.
Most actually have polyester padding in them and since polyester doesn’t absorb, they are totally lousy as a diaper! They give cloth diapers an undeserved bad reputation. Don’t use them as diapers!  They are intended to be burp cloths.  Real diapers are totally worth it!

The fear of poop.
Once you have endured pregnancy and birth, a little poop isn’t going to phase you.  If your baby is breastfeed their poop is odorless and benign, until they start solid foods.  Flush-able liners and diaper sprayers have modernized cloth diapering.  No more dunking dirty diapers in the toilet!