Cloth Diapers 101

Cloth Diaper Dictionary

Prefolds, fitteds, AIO, doublers, liners…what does it all mean?  Don’t worry, we have broken it all down into digestable pieces here.

How Many Diapers do I Need

Are you considering cloth diapers? If so, please visit this page to see what quantities you will need. Cloth diapers vary from all-in-one to pre-folds, to fitted.

Best Diapers for Newborns

Finding a diaper that fits a newborn can be challenging, so read here our suggestions for making cloth work for newborns.

Preparing Diapers for First Time Use

Don’t freak out about your new prefold diapers being huge and flat, they will shrink up and fluff up with washing.

Basics of Washing Cloth Diapers

Visit this page for a basic step by step guide to washing your cloth diapers the right way.

Choosing the Right Detergent

Choosing the right clean rinsing detergent is an important step in converting to cloth diapers.  Choosing a clean rinsing detergent must be a full time choice for all of your laundry.  This page teaches you all about laundry detergent choices and ingredients to be aware of.

Residues and Stripping

Residues can build up in cloth diapers from diaper rash creams, minerals in your water, detergent additives and urine. If it does not smell clean, it isn’t!

Barriers to Cloth Diaper Success

Are you weary of cloth diapers? There are many barriers to cloth diaper success that are unfounded.