Gambit: ZukaBaby in 14 Winter Accessories for Kids

14 winter accessories for kids 

Keep kids warm and cozy with hats and gloves they’ll love to wear

3 of our favorite winter digs were featured in Gambit this December.

babee greensBabee Greens

Always a crowd favorite for it’s ultra cozy and luxurious feel Babee Greens was selected.

This cute crimson and beige hat is perfect for the holiday season. Many other sizes and color variations available in store.

Also available:pants, shorties, and diaper covers.



Unique & totally original fabric combinations define UB2‘s hip, artsy approach to kid’s apparel design. Handmade and super cozy for your little one, these raccoon gloves give your little one their own sense of style while protecting their wee little fingers!

Also available: modern bonnets



You do everything you can to keep your kids safe and healthy.  But what about the sun’s effects on your child’s eyes?

Every pair of Babiators sunglasses for kids provides 100% UVA and UVB protection to keep your child’s eyes safe. These lenses are  impact and shatter-resistant to handle even the most rugged adventures. Rest assured that your Babiators sunglasses are made to be safe, durable and awesome — so you and your little aviator can get right to the adventure!

Original Babiators sunglasses are available in two sizes: Junior, which fits most babies and toddlers ages 6 months-3 years, and Classic, which fits most kids ages 3-7+ years.


All available at you local ZukaBaby!

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